IPA Staff
IPA Faculty

​​​​The Institute of Public Administration (IPA) is keen on attracting the best cadres from inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It cares so much to have distinguished faculty members, who enjoy the skills, abilities and expertise in the various activities it provides. 

The IPA training faculty hold masters or doctoral degrees from international universities, which renders them qualified to carry out the tasks entrusted to them at the IPA various departments.
Job rotation is an approach adopted by the IPA where opportunities are shifted among its faculties to expose them to different experiences and a wider variety of activities and to enhance their knowledge and improve their skills, to meet the various IPA strategic objectives. 
The IPA also pays particular attention to the national competencies and enhances their skills and abilities to take charge of their careers efficiently and effectively. For further improvement of their performance, the IPA grants them scholarships to study abroad at international universities, offers them training and continuous development to improve their skills, and provides them with administrative and technical support and guidance.
Doctoral Degree Regulations governing the faculty members and those in their level at Saudi universities also applies to IPA faculty members, and holders of master’s, higher diplomas and bachelor degrees are also governed by Educational Posts Regulations. 

Training faculty roles 
IPA Administrative Staff
The IPA prides itself on having a distinguished professionals who possess the requirements of success and excellence. It has a highly qualified staff members who are capable of shouldering their responsibilities and addressing the challenges and obstacles they might face.
The IPA has entrusted its tasks to a select group of talented and highly experienced faculties found in every department, section and unit inside the IPA head office and branches. These calibers have been provided with a highly motivating environment that would enhance their spirit of creativity and innovation, and open the perspectives for success and excellence. They are compensated on the same pay scale system set for the public employees.
The staff members receive the support required to achieve development, raise efficiency and obtain new skills that would bring benefits to both the staff members and the IPA. They receive continuing training either through group training courses or through specialized courses designed for individuals according to their respective areas of specialization.
"Group work" or "work teams" is a concept adopted and promoted at the IPA which saved no effort to integrate this concept into its policies and internal measures. It believes that this concept encourage all the staff to work harder and prioritize group's interests, which will eventually fulfill the IPA strategic objectives.
The IPA administrative staff and faculties are the two main pillars for the IPA. They work together to strengthen cooperation and foster harmony. They form a successful work system devoted to serve the IPA trainees, students and the Saudi society.

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